The French
style shower

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Elmer design

It’s not every day that a company completely rethinks the shower from its design to delivery, installation, and maintenance. After 21 months of research, weeks of meetings, countless design ideas, and 15 prototypes, our team at ELMER has done just that.


Loïc Berthelot, voted best plumber of the year, approves.

« ELMER can be installed easily and totally safely. The system does not allow for leaks. I have carefully written the instruction manual just for you. »

Loïc Berthelot - Best plumber of the year

Installation in
less than 3 hours



5 year warranty


Installation and implementation


Installation in 3 hours

Easy assembly and installation of parts (fitting into tray groove, self-blocking parts, safe pins, wall brackets)

Wall brackets to level out any wall irregularities

Application of foam adhesive joint for easy and waterproof efficiency


No silicone needed for assembly

Maintenance, access and service


Removable technical panel for maintenance


Smart pin system allowinf for fitting and blocking of technical panel with metallic frame

Hot and cold water shut-off valves for quick maintenance (no need to shut the general water off)

Glass with antilimescale treatment on both sides


Shower head: lifetime warranty

System and parts: 5 years

Hardware and repair parts in stock

Components and materials

Shower now, pay later!

You can start showering right now and pay later, with no extra fee.

in 4 installments, no extra fee

Make the first payment upon order. The following payments will be debited directly from your account, with no extra fee.


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Elmer, the French style shower revolution

The ELMER Options

We have let time work... together with the best experts. We have reshaped our entire SME to reinvent a "French style" shower for this innovative, amazing and exciting project.


Smartphone application

SmarTap aims at making showers smarter, safer and more environmentally friendly. With the integrated e-Valve, wherever you are, you can decide the water temperature and flow rate, monitor all the system indicators from your smartphone or tablet, saving money on your water monthly bills.

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High-fidelity sound system

The "Hopman Sound Transfer" patented technology transforms the ELMER shower walls into an invisible speaker. A unique sound experience where materials are transformed into speakers for additional enjoyment...

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Essential oil diffuser

Discover the benefits of a shower flavoured with essential oils. Natural essences are released and diffused in your shower water, creating a bubble of enveloping scents. Water pressure helps soothe the skin. The olfactory sensations stay with you throughout the day, boosting your energy with a feeling of well-being.

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Enveloping shower

The shower head (13.2 x 23.8cm) is equipped with a micro-drops system for a wide even spray creating a transformative shower experience. Thanks to the Aurajet-D technology, body spraying is 20% higher than with standard showers with no increased water consumption. The shower head is designed with a hydrophobic polymer to reduce limestone deposit.

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